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If you were born between 1980-1995 this is you.

This is soooo true.  I remember this EXACT feeling after graduating college. Ok partly fueled by parents(yes baby boomers born in 1946 and '55) and partly fueled by the  k-12 school system I was told over and over again  growing up this story about going to college.  That if you went to college somehow everything would work almost magically. You would then get a nice cushy office job marking $50k or more at a corporation and have a house, a new car and everything would be peachy. Then when I actually graduated college and none of this happened I honestly felt that the world and media had lied to me all these years.  
I find being "grown up" at age 26 grossly overrated I am 28 and enjoying my lifelong "extended" childhood. lol
And yes I don't want to slave my life away for the same job the rest of my life.  I am a man of many hats and want to see all the world has to offer. 
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Ok now I have seen several of you post about how small LJ has gotten with the biggest question being were did everybody go?  No people didn't change, but the internet did.   LJ is not as fast as FB, but does offer a better channel in expressing way more deep thinking writing then you can post on 140 characters of Twitter or a FB status update.  

Ironically LJ has a page on the very site that has caused most of its shrinkage.  

I am still here!
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just life

When your unemployed you have all the time in the world to do whatever you feel on a whim, but no money to do it.  

When your employed you have all the money in the world(ok maybe not the world), but less time to enjoy what you want to do.  

Then when your a retried senior citizen 65+ you have all the money and time in the world, but your just too fucking old to do much of anything.  

I can never win.  
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Have you ever seen a new commercial on TV for the first time and here a song on it and wonder wow what was that?   Then you immediately run to YouTube to try and find the song and what artist made it?  Yes these were the three commercials that did it for me.  None of these songs or the bands that made them had I heard of before or fallowed before till I heard them on the commercials. Then I was hooked.  

Diet Coke - I remember thinking wow I love this song and it feels so up lifting, but then I remember feeling disappointed at the product it advertised.  Such an awesome song for just Diet Coke?  Thats it?  What a let down I remember thinking.  Enjoy.

Audi Q7 - The commercial and the music are just awesome.  

Palm Pixi - Kinda catchy. 

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I have never seen the Mongrels before until I saw it on the wikifur.  So funny too bad it was only in the UK.  

HEHE the little lollipop kitten is sooo cute!

Don't worry fox I feel your pain for I too am a 28 year-old "stroke virgin".Oh so thats what they look like why yes yes it is!

I am not a zombie I am just a romantic with a monster sex drive!

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Holy crap 2011

Wow what a year!  Our world today looks so much different then it did just 12 month ago.

 The Arab Spring uprisings of 2011. This is what so many millions of people have wanted for so many decades but were unable to do due to government oppression of communications and free speech.  With the power of the internet people were able to organize and unite mainly using Facebook and Twitter. The Arab Spring uprising showed the political and social changes are possible without initiating violence or terrorism.  The uprising showed the citizen not the government control their own futures of peace and prosperity.  With the internet no longer can the government censor its citizens from the rest of the world.  

An interactive view of the Arab Spring uprisings,  

The other big story was the end of the NASA space shuttle program.  While sad to see it go it did many great things and expanded human kinds understanding of whats outside our world.  I believe this will be a new era in space exploration and travel with private companies such as Space X will open up new possibilities for citizens in space. 

The world looks up for great things in 2012 and beyond.