fangwolf (fangwolf57) wrote,

Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013!

RMFC 2013 was awesome!  This is my second RMFC went in 2010. Man after waiting 2 years for this opportunity to go to this con it has really energized me and now I really really want to go to MFF...if I have enough vacation time.

RMFC 2013 634

RMFC 2013 624

RMFC 2013 636

Fursuit games

RMFC 2013 614

RMFC 2013 616

RMFC 2013 612

RMFC 2013 611

RMFC 2013 500
I don't nomally take pictures of trucks like this but if they say AREA 51 on them I will.  I would love to know what this person does for a living.

RMFC 2013 627
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