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My vision of the future of America and the world. Theses are a few things in which I think you will see the world change. Now I can't solve all the worlds problems but this is just what I see can get better and the world is moving towards. 2 of these are A. why I support Barack Obama and B. why unfortunitly I lost faith in the GOP Republican party just wasn't pushing hard enough to help the world and I became independent. It got to the point were all I here from the GOP was no, no and well more NO. It just felt that there was just no future here. There is something in the back of my mind that kept telling me this isn't right you SEE you KNOW a better world this isn't right. Now the last 2 are not political, but again all these are how I see I believe how the world and this generation is going to change the world. 

1. Human advancement - Stem cell Technology - When I said I felt some of the GOP policies were "detrimental to the advancement 
of the human species itself" This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. 

2. Civil rights - America - equality marriage / World - civil rights political revolutions like the "Arab Spring".

3. Technology - commercial space flight - Think Sir Richard Branson's Virgion Galatic and Elon Musk's Space X. Someday commercial space flight will be like the airline industry is today. 

4. Agriculture/ economy - expanded use of biofuels industry in America. 


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Dec. 4th, 2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
Sadly one thing he is NOT pushing for is internet neutrality (and namely opposing the so called UN Treaty on controlling the internet as some countries want this to keep information from their citizens) and fairness in speech/communications.

The other things I feel he is not doing is pushing for the removal of religious tenants like Shari'a law from common laws (though some moral-based laws need enforced, IMHO) as well as creating a climate that is conducive for creating and sustaining jobs and manufacturing..and is something I feel that he needs to do more to work with both parties.

Unfortunately I feel that both parties have grown too extreme and the two-party system as we know it needs to end.
Dec. 5th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
Well no ones perfect and one also has to keep in mind the presidents powers are limited there is this other part of government called congress that is part of the law and policy making process.

I am a little disappointed the Obama administration and the world has done nothing about the civil war in Syria. U.S. military action needs to happen to take out that murder president Bashar Assad.

I used to be a proud GOPer but not anymore its become clear to me over the last 4 years there is no future here.

History will be the judge history will look at who pushed this world into the future who changed this world. Just as we look at history books today and see who changed the world who made it better and how we got to were we are today.
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