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Little Pink Houses for you and me.

This is some pictures of my grandmas house in Iowa.  I just think its a unique house I mean how many pink houses do you see everyday?  The house is about 45 years-old and this is the color its always been, and honestly I can't imagine it any other way.  The house is on a farm and sits atop a large hill which provides an awesome view of the valley below.  

pink house 020

Back side of house.  The view from this side of the house looking down the hill and into the valley is just awesome.  

pink house 003

Side view.  There are actually two fireplaces in the house one on the main floor and one in the basement.  

pink house 009

Front view. 

pink house 011

Other side view with dog house and car port. 

pink house 032

Driveway to the highway.

pink house 015

View from behind the house looking down from the hill.

pink house 080
This was the former site of an old one room school house near my grandma's farm.  The school closed in 1948, but I know and remember it was used as a voting place and other civic activities up and tell the early 1990's. It was later completely closed then was bought by the historical society and moved in 1994 on a truck to its present location next to the train depot in town after being restored. 

pink house 045

Hello Blue the dog.  

pink house 098

The old chicken cope.  It once had chickens in it and I do remember as a young kid going with grandma to pick the eggs out to sell later to people who wanted eggs.   The back part of the building is were the hens would lay eggs and probably would sleep.  The front part with the wire in closer is were the chickens would eat and "hang out" and "socialize". 

pink house 068

I love sunsets and this one was just awesome looking. 

pink house 052

Rusty old trailer wheels. Who knows how long they have been there?

So were did I get the title of this post?  It a John Mellencamp song.  

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