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My presidential voting recored

2000 - G.W. (R)  I was only 17 then I wasn't old enough to vote, but if I would have been old enough to vote this is who it would have been.

2004 - G.W.  (R)  Yes that old W again.

2008 - General/SOS Colin L. Powell. (R)  Yes I know he didn't run for president, but I wrote him in anyways.  I think he would have made a good president.

2012 - Barack Obama (D) At first I was skeptical, but I have been quite surprised in the good things he has done for this country and the world.  

Yes since 2008 I have become disapointed in my own political party.  I have been losing faith in them to DO something and to advance the world and society.  

See change can happen!
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