August 28th, 2013

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I went to see an eye doctor the other day inquiring about the possibility of getting LASIK eye surgery to help better my vision.  This was a completely different doctor then the one I usually go to, who I have asked many times over the years about surgery to improve my vision, but every time he always said no your not a canidate.  I just wanted someone else to look into my eyes and see what they would say.  I was just holding hope out against hope, but I dam well was going to try.  The lady doctor said what I thought she would say "sorry your eyes are too far damaged for surgery to do anything.  Your corneas(middle part of the eye) are distorted on the inside of the eye and your retinas are too thin and surgery would put them in huge danger of detaching. I have already had this happen once before.  She says sorry you just got too many strikes against you.  *sigh*  disappointed very.  I have thought so many times god if only I could get 20/30 or even 20/40 vision this would be the absolute world to me.  Not have to strain at restaurant menu boards or have to get out of your car to see what house address numbers your at or worry about a drives license.     My vision this is the sole reason I am not a cop and can't get a pilots license.  Now it sounds like I am complaning  I know I should be grateful for what I got when I know there are so many other people in this world in far worse situations then me.  People who are completely blind or in wheel chairs or who have cancer.  After my highly unusual birth circumstances I know I should just be happy to be alive.