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The America Dream

If you told me I would be where I am at this age 35 around 15 to 20 years ago I never would have thought it.
In October 1996 I remember my 6th grade English teacher had us write a short paper about what we envisioned our future self as.
I invishihed myself as a career vehicle desinger for John Deere, GM, or Chysler or somewhere in the transportation field.  Of course this would be acomplished by going to 4 years of college like we were always told about by adults.
I envishiened my self living in a big old house in the country. Of crouse my wife and I would have made this a nice house. Also have some cars in my garage driveway.  Oh and I would probably have between 2 and 4 kids probabbly I thought.

What is my life now?  None of this, not even close.   
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You know I was thinking. Here I have a list of items I have received in my life and the processing time in which it took me to get said item.

U.S. Passport.................3 months

New drivers licence..........30 days

Magazine subscription......2 weeks

Gun purchasing permit.......4 days

What does this say about being an American?
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I went to see an eye doctor the other day inquiring about the possibility of getting LASIK eye surgery to help better my vision.  This was a completely different doctor then the one I usually go to, who I have asked many times over the years about surgery to improve my vision, but every time he always said no your not a canidate.  I just wanted someone else to look into my eyes and see what they would say.  I was just holding hope out against hope, but I dam well was going to try.  The lady doctor said what I thought she would say "sorry your eyes are too far damaged for surgery to do anything.  Your corneas(middle part of the eye) are distorted on the inside of the eye and your retinas are too thin and surgery would put them in huge danger of detaching. I have already had this happen once before.  She says sorry you just got too many strikes against you.  *sigh*  disappointed very.  I have thought so many times god if only I could get 20/30 or even 20/40 vision this would be the absolute world to me.  Not have to strain at restaurant menu boards or have to get out of your car to see what house address numbers your at or worry about a drives license.     My vision this is the sole reason I am not a cop and can't get a pilots license.  Now it sounds like I am complaning  I know I should be grateful for what I got when I know there are so many other people in this world in far worse situations then me.  People who are completely blind or in wheel chairs or who have cancer.  After my highly unusual birth circumstances I know I should just be happy to be alive.
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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013!

RMFC 2013 was awesome!  This is my second RMFC went in 2010. Man after waiting 2 years for this opportunity to go to this con it has really energized me and now I really really want to go to MFF...if I have enough vacation time.

RMFC 2013 634

RMFC 2013 624

RMFC 2013 636

Fursuit games

RMFC 2013 614

RMFC 2013 616

RMFC 2013 612

RMFC 2013 611

RMFC 2013 500
I don't nomally take pictures of trucks like this but if they say AREA 51 on them I will.  I would love to know what this person does for a living.

RMFC 2013 627
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May day snow cones!

Its May 2nd yes May not March and there is snow on the ground here yes.  This is the latest I have ever seen it snow in my entire life.  Before this was April 1st 1998 when we got a snow day off school.  Lets go make May day snow men!
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My vision for the future of America and the world. And why I support Barack Obama and ditched the G

My vision of the future of America and the world. Theses are a few things in which I think you will see the world change. Now I can't solve all the worlds problems but this is just what I see can get better and the world is moving towards. 2 of these are A. why I support Barack Obama and B. why unfortunitly I lost faith in the GOP Republican party just wasn't pushing hard enough to help the world and I became independent. It got to the point were all I here from the GOP was no, no and well more NO. It just felt that there was just no future here. There is something in the back of my mind that kept telling me this isn't right you SEE you KNOW a better world this isn't right. Now the last 2 are not political, but again all these are how I see I believe how the world and this generation is going to change the world. 

1. Human advancement - Stem cell Technology - When I said I felt some of the GOP policies were "detrimental to the advancement 
of the human species itself" This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. 

2. Civil rights - America - equality marriage / World - civil rights political revolutions like the "Arab Spring".

3. Technology - commercial space flight - Think Sir Richard Branson's Virgion Galatic and Elon Musk's Space X. Someday commercial space flight will be like the airline industry is today. 

4. Agriculture/ economy - expanded use of biofuels industry in America. 
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